The Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing

The Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing

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One of the key aspects for a successful affiliate marketing site is really nailing the niche you want to represent.

There are so many niches you can choose from but ultimately, you need to pick a niche that will help you to comfortably generate the amount of revenue you desire. The more profitable the niche, the higher the chances you'll reach the level of income you've always wanted!

Thankfully, there are some particularly strong niches that are predominately always provide high profit potential and will never go out of style.

These evergreen niches such as Health, Wealth and Romance have forever been of great interest to people and have encouraged increases in spending over time.

Here are some great niches as well as sub-niches to consider building a profitable online business around.

1. Health and Wellness

Health Niche

Health is perhaps one of the most accessible niches to target as almost everyone has some vested interest in their health - whether they're rich or poor, fit or unfit. It's such a broad niche that gives a lot of scope for recommending affiliate products from fitness programs all the way to remedies for specific ailments.

Astoundingly, the health and wellness market was worth an estimated $4.2 trillion globally in 2017 and is only increasing as time goes on.

Let's take a look at some lucrative sub-niches that will give a good base to start from.

Dieting and Nutrition

People love finding ways to lose weight and become healthier without the added effort of going to the gym. The topic of dieting provides a prosperous niche that's unlikely to go out of fashion for an incredibly long time.

According to the CDC, the prevalence of obesity was around 40% in the US in 2016.

To begin with, most diets used to focus solely around losing weight in the shortest time possible. Whilst this can still be the case, the majority of newer, trendier diets such as Paleo or Keto diets sell themselves are part of a lifestyle change to promote overall health, encouraging people to stick with it for the long term.

This is a fortuitous change for businesses in this industry as visitors to your site will likely use your resources for longer if they're not stopping the diet as soon as they've reached their desired target weight.

There are also more specific diets you might be interested in writing about such as gluten-free or lactose-free diets, particularly if you suffer from these allergies yourself.

In general some great topics to consider are:

  • How to diet effectively and lose weight
  • Guides for specific diets such as Keto or intermittent fasting
  • The benefits of healthy eating


Another popular way to improve body confidence and overall health is to become more active and gain muscle.

Whether it's weight training, using supplements such as protein powders or even taking up a sport, there are lots of interesting sub-topics to choose from.

For example, you could write content about:

  • A particular sport or physical activity like cycling or running
  • How to gain muscle
  • Specific ways to train such as CrossFit


Preventable health issues are all too common and seeking help online can provide a community and wealth of content for people in need of help.

These health issues can range from smoking and gambling to dealing with suicide or bereavement. Creating content around self-help can be a great way to help other people whilst also possibly benefitting yourself.

If you suffer from one of these problems, why not research more about it and write your own blog on the subject?

General health issues

Though unfortunate, it's extremely unlikely for any person to live throughout their life without falling ill or going through some health ordeal.

This is why this sub-niche offers vast opportunities to promote products that could help people with their medical troubles, either through alternative healthcare such as homeopathy or support programs to help people implement lifestyle change.

For example, insomnia and other related sleep disorders happen to around 30% of people at some point in their lives. As such, the global insomnia market is estimated to be worth $5 billion by 2023.

Another choice sub-niche is pregnancy, as it potentially affects around half the population. Whether you're creating content around family planning, increasing the success of pregnancy or ways in which to raise children effectively, there are myriad ways to contribute to the discussion.

Generally, affiliate sites dealing with this genre tend to provide the following:

  • Explanations of the health issue
  • Reviews of products that will help alleviate the issue
  • Ideas on how to treat issue through lifestyle changes

2. Wealth

Wealth Niche

Wealth is another evergreen niche that never gets old. With the rise of capitalism and movements such as FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) and Passive Income as inspired by the 4-Hour Work Week, everyone wants to find ways to make more money for less effort.

How to make money

This is a massively profitable sub-niche that harbours vast potential for affiliate marketers. Everyone desires more money than they currently have so there's plenty of ways to provide content suited for this audience:

  • How to make money online (Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping)
  • How to make money working from home
  • Improving your odds at gambling
  • How to improve returns with stock market
  • Good ways to invest money for the short and long term
  • Passive income opportunities
  • Getting involved in the housing market (mortgages, buy-to-let)

There are simply too many topics to list here that people are clambering to get a leg-up on in order to increase their wealth and live a better quality of life.

It's usually a good option for new bloggers struggling to find an interesting niche to blog about, as almost everyone has some interest in this area and has done some research at some point, whether it's to find a better mortgage rate or to save more money for retirement.


Entrepreneurship has always been a viable alternative to working the regular 9-5 job but has become even more popular with millennial culture shifting to buck the trend.

With millennials reported to be more likely to become entrepreneurs than in previous generations, this is an opportune time to get involved in this niche.

Most profitable sub-niches for this subject tend to revolve around the following:

  • How to create and run your own business
  • Mentorship programs for successful entrepreneurship
  • Other sub-niches scoped to an entrepreneur background - female or millennial entrepreneurs

3. Romance

Romance Niche

As the final recognised evergreen niche, the romance niche captures the need for relationships and living together in harmony. Many business have successfully capitalised on this need, providing services ranging from online dating to counselling for relationship troubles.

After all, no one wants to live their life alone.

Online Dating

Romance as a niche is very profitable given the rise in demand for online dating. With the recent and growing success of Tinder as well as other dating platforms, the online dating industry is poised to be worth an estimated $12 billion by 2020.

Businesses such as eHarmony offer affiliate programs that can be promoted as a service to help those looking for love online. Furthermore, if you'd like to niche down with dating to reduce the level of competition you'll face, you can even blog about dating amongst particular groups of people such as senior dating.


Sadly, romance isn't always bliss and never-ending happiness so providing counselling is another great way to tackle this niche. There are many services available to help people either get through a rough time in a relationship or simply help improve what's already there.

Here are some useful examples of counselling you could blog about:

  • Marriage counselling
  • Surviving a divorce
  • Improving your sex life
  • Dating advice

4. Travel

Travel Niche

Travel. Adventure. Exploring the unknown. What's not to like?

As an industry, travel generates over $7 trillion globally, making it a worthwhile bet if you're passionate about the topic.

One of the major aspects to this topic is tourism, as there are lots of different ways in which people can enjoy holidaying:

  • Adventure tourism
  • Dark tourism
  • Cruises
  • City/Countryside breaks
  • Tour guides
  • Backpacking

As well as tourism, the act of travelling itself can be of immense interest. You could write about riding on luxury trains, how to earn a flying licence and travel the world and so on.

5. Gaming

Gaming Niche

Gaming has come along way since the age of the cartridges and floppy disks.

With online gaming at an all-time high, the rise of mobile gaming on smartphones and esports tournaments and leagues providing quality entertainment for a wide audience, this niche is ripe for the taking.

Some topics that might be of interest are:

  • Esports/ Online multiplayer gaming
  • Mobile gaming
  • Retro gaming
  • PC gaming hardware
  • Strategy guides and walkthroughs
  • Game streaming

6. Luxury Goods

Luxury Niche

Luxury goods can be a lucrative genre mainly because it involves transactions with large amounts of money changing hands. As you might imagine, the more someone spends on a promoted product, the more likely you'll be paid a higher commission.

Pretty much any expensive item you can think of may be of interest here, whether it's luxury jewellery, cars, yachts, private jets or beauty products.

Keep in mind though, as with any niche, it's easier to give useful and accurate reviews if you've bought and tried the product before. Contributing your knowledge of luxury goods is still viable but you may have to make some hard choices around viable ways to test the products you're going to promote, especially if you have to buy them first.

7. Hobbies

Hobbies Niche

Most people have some activity or interest that they're passionate about. And if people love doing something, it's pretty likely they'll spend a lot to keep on doing it.

The more expensive hobbies are always a good bet but any hobbies with marketable products will provide a good base for an affiliate business:

  • Gardening
  • Camping/Survival activities
  • DIY
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Photography

This niche works particularly well if it's a personal hobby that you share with your audience, giving you a great way to connect with them and grow together with each new blog post.


So we've covered a variety of the highest-paying niches that'll give you a great head-start into building a profitable affiliate marketing business. Picking one of these to take forward will improve your chances of success but only if you're comfortable writing about the niche and have at least a good level of interest in it.

But if you're passionate about a subject and are willing to take the time to research more about it, you'll already be on the path to prosperity.

Have faith in yourself and take the first step!